5 Easy Tips to Make Your First Bridal Appointment Successful (and Stress Free)!

Selecting your wedding dress is one of the most memorable and important shopping trips you will ever make, so we’ve compiled five easy tips to help make your first bridal appointment successful and stress-free.

Schedule only one appointment for your first day of bridal shopping. Shopping for your wedding dress can be overwhelming, so focusing on a single appointment will allow you to relax and fully enjoy your bridal fitting experience. Most appointments take from one to three hours, so be on top of your bridal shopping game by arriving well-rested and hydrated. It is a good policy to always call the salon to schedule your appointment so that they will have a room and consultant available to help you. Weekends are usually super-busy, and fun, if you want to be around lots of fellow brides and enjoy the excitement in the air. If you would like a calmer experience plan to go during the week, say a Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

To prepare for you visit, take some time to consider what style gown you want. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself on your happy day, walking down the aisle to marry your soulmate…how do you see yourself…what are you wearing in your mind’s eye? Is it a magical princess ball gown, a sleek and sophisticated satin dress, a flowy chiffon number or a vintage-inspired lace dress? Drawing a blank? Check Pinterest and bridal mags for inspiration, then bring your favorite looks in to the bridal boutique. Showing your consultant what you have in mind will help her pull styles for you. Also think about the kind of wedding you are planning. Any details you share about your wedding venue and theme will also enable your consultant to find the perfect dress for you. Also decide on your bridal gown and accessory budget. This will help you and your stylist find the best look without going over budget.

Remember to keep an open mind. Try on several different silhouettes, including A-line, Trumpet, and Sheath gowns. Since you are just starting your search it won’t hurt to try a few gowns that aren’t typically your style or aren’t exactly what you have in mind. You might just be surprised! Tap into your bridal consultants knowledge and experience, they can be a fantastic resource for you!

Don’t be alarmed at the sizes! Most bridal designers run 2-3 sizes SMALLER than your regular everyday clothing. What are the manufacturers thinking, right? Who on earth wants to go up three sizes when they are wedding dress shopping!?! Remember they run super-duper small, so please don’t worry about the number on the tags. Size is a four letter word and nothing more.

Have fun. Enjoying your quest for the dress can set the tone for the entire wedding and provide a joyful memory for the rest of your life. Small bridal shops provide the perfect atmosphere for a happy shopping experience with individualized service, fabulous bridal gown selections and caring consultants.

Some other helpful tips:
Wear nude undergarments
Don’t bring too many people, as that just makes things confusing and hectic
But, be certain to bring the person who will be paying
Don’t get discouraged if you don’t find THE dress right away, we promise your dress is out there!
Don’t be afraid to go ahead and purchase if you find THE dress, even if it is the first one you try at the first appointment, sometimes one appointment is all you need!